Precision Machine Work

Bear Machinery has the ability to produce high quality components used in equipment and instrumentation. This allows us to work with high tech companies in Hawaii and on the mainland.

We have produced parts for:

  • N.A.S.A
  • Boeing LTS
  • Teledyne Imaging Sensors
  • Navatek Ltd.
  • Washington Demilitarization Co.
  • G.L. Scientific
  • Joint Astronomy Center
  • BBN Technologies
  • University of Hawaii
  • W.M. Keck Observatory

We have a complete inspection department to ensure that our customers receive the quality that they expect.

Bear Machinery has consistently given us fast and accurate machining support for all of our mission critical equipment.

- Steve Walton - Engineer/Scientist, Boeing LTS Maui

Bear Machinery has been an essential supplier of high grade, complex, precision hardware used on many of our most demanding space-flight applications. When mission assurance is on the line, we always rely on Bear!

- Tom Sprafke - Senior Scientist, Teledyne Imaging Sensors

Bear Machinery is a reliable ally in supplying precision parts and assemblies for the James Clerk Maxwell and United Kingdom Infrared Telescopes on Mauna Kea.

- Tomas Chylek - Senior Mechanical Engineer, Joint Astronomy Centre

With Bear Machinery's help, we were able to transform our fittings to those that could work for us in every way, with the tolerances that we need and the aesthetics that we may now take for granted.

- Rick Benedict - President, Beachside Lighting